Call of Duty will stay on PlayStation: Phil Spencer’s solemn oath

Phil Spencer actually there is solemnly swore HE Call of Duty will stay on PlayStation: This rather surreal scene closes the first part of today’s discussion in the process between the FTC and Microsoft for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

“I’ll raise my hand, I’ll do anything,” Spencer told Judge Corley in court: my commitmentIn its statement, it said it continues to release future versions of Call of Duty on PS5.

Indeed, the exact words of Spencer “PlayStation 5“Who knows, it might be a nice pun on that playful Spencer to get the series out of Sony on later consoles.

The truth is, today’s hearing gave us the scene of a solemn oath in federal court over the maintenance of Call of Duty on PlayStation. “I think we’ve all seen gamers as a very noisy group. In my opinion, removing Call of Duty from PlayStation could do irreparable damage to the Xbox brand,” Spencer said.

The Xbox head also reiterated his commitment to maintaining the highest possible quality for the series on PlayStation, even if it concerns future episodes, and not intentionally downgrading versions of competing consoles. From the same process, it was also revealed that Starfield could be PS5 exclusive, which led to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

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