Persona 3 Reload is available on Amazon Italy for PS4, PS5 and Xbox

Amazon offers let us buy today Persona 3 Reload for PS5, PS4 and Xbox (One and Serial on the same disk). The reported discount compared to the recommended price is 13%. You can access the product from this address or via the box below.

recommended price The amount stated by Amazon is €70.90. The current price is the lowest ever for the platform. The product is sold by EVERGAME and ships by Amazon.

Persona 3 Reload, our review

Persona 3 Reload offers many quality characters

We explained this in our review Persona 3 Reload “It's based on such strong foundations that it's still largely played by everyone today, and the work Atlus has done on the mechanics and technical sector has still managed to modernize the game significantly. It's enough to throw you back into its world because the story is so refined, especially in Persona 3.” and it deserves to be relived many more times in a refined package.”

This version offers: graphic refresh To take advantage of current generation consoles.

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