Lost Ark is shutting down in Japan, is the game in crisis?

Japanese broadcaster PMANG announced server shutdown Japanese action role-playing game Lost Ark. Closing will occur on March 20, 2024 at 19:00. The game has been active in the region since September 23, 2020 but can no longer continue, so it will be discontinued in agreement with developer Smilegate RPG.

“We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has played Lost Ark so far and everyone who has supported us,” PMANG wrote on its official blog, later apologizing for this grave announcement.

From this moment on Japanese version Lost Ark will no longer be able to receive new content and microtransactions will be blocked. Be that as it may, PMANG has decided to bid farewell to the players by holding closing events that will continue until the end of the game, starting from January 24, 2024.

Lost Ark has fallen off the radar a bit

Is the Lost Ark in crisis? It's hard to say for sure. Recently, the number of players has dropped significantly and access to launch was just a dream. However, it should also be said that it produces good numbers on Steam and often manages to exceed 50,000 concurrent players, so it shouldn't be at risk in our region. Of course, negative reviews proliferate due to the huge time investment required to develop characters.

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