Palworld: PocketPair Phenomenon Sparks Debate on the Use of Generative AI and Plagiarism

While achieving overwhelming success palworldthey also continue discussions In the Pocketpair team, not only copying several items from Pokémon, but also use productive artificial intelligence also for the design of characters and more, but the question needs to be verified.

Most of the controversy comes from fans pokemonIt is known to have remarkable compactness and durability, so we can expect these to last for a long time to come, at least as long as the title in question remains in the limelight.

We have already mentioned accusations of stolen elements from the Pokémon series, but there are also accusations regarding the use of generative artificial intelligence, given that the problem of plagiarism has also been quite positive about these technological solutions in the past.

The use of artificial intelligence is also among the controversies surrounding Palworld

There's no doubt that Palworld's creature design owes a debt to Pokémon

From this perspective, some X users focus on some expressions. Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocketpairhas always enthusiastically supported the use of artificial intelligence rendering and artistic elements in video game development.

Demonstrating significant investigative ability, some of these accusers found statements dating back years in which Mizobe welcomed the use of such technological solutions and in one case even demonstrated how they could be used to create new elements, starting with Pokémon. openly.

Unless reverse engineering or something else is used, it will not be easy to show that these solutions were used to improve Palworld, at least not for simple users. copyright violations by authors.

We have no doubt that The Pokémon Company is already ready for battle, so news in this sense is likely to come soon, but in the meantime, the great success of Palworld continues: the game sold 2 million copies in 24 hours and 2 million copies sold. 800,000 concurrent users on Steam.

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