Palworld lets you capture, sell and slaughter people

palworld The most successful game in the world these days. It's a mix between “survival” and Pokémon games, but mostly just takes the idea of ​​catchable monsters from the latter because the style is very different. As you already know, it is possible take prisoner put creatures to work and also tear them to pieces for their meat. What you might not know unless you've been playing and followed the thread carefully is that it's possible to do the same thing with: people.

True, it is possible to catch people. Palworld itself states that this is something that is frowned upon, but you can actually have them enter one of the capture areas and then dispose of them like monsters. People can also be sold. All this clearly makes you think slavery.

You can see above video It is shown that it is possible to capture humans in Palworld.

Palworld, it's not that easy to catch people

catch people In Palworld, this is not a given. Unlike the creatures, the game doesn't suggest that you can catch them when you aim them with an orb. However, if you have a high-end capture tool and can reduce your life points as much as possible, you can be successful.

However, if you attack people in a friendly village, you will be wanted for a crime. People can too only deal with construction work and not other categories of action. But they can fight for you.

real advantage catching different types of merchants so you can always have them in your base to buy and sell the resources you need.

Finally, we would like to draw attention to our Palworld test.

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