Overwatch 2: PvP Clash mode announced during BlizzCon 2023 and other news

During BlizzCon 2023 PVP Skirmish mode For Overwatch 2and with many new features coming next year. 2024 will be a very important year for the game.

As announced during the event, Clash is a competitive mode where five points are placed in a row. The focus will be on the first target; teams will have to fight back and forth to conquer enemy territory or defend their own. The player who captures all control points or reaches the maximum score wins.

Clash’s first map will pay homage to a map that was shown off during the first Overwatch BlizzCon: Hanamura, which players of the original game should remember well.

Other news

Many new features are coming to Overwatch 2

The revised and corrected version will be released in 2024 competitive system and three new heroes will be released, including the newly announced Mauga.

According to Blizzard, this is just the beginning of what we can expect from Overwatch 2 later this year. In short, we have now only tasted what we hope will be excellent courses that can revive the fortunes of the game.

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