Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred: trailer for the first expansion and other news from BlizzCon

Rod Fergusson takes to the stage at BlizzCon 2023 Diablo 4Dungeon crawler role-playing game released in June 2023. Speaking about the passion of fans and streamers for Diablo 4 and other Diablo projects, including the mobile division Immortal, Fergusson revealed that the public has been playing the game for 1.5 billion hours in Diablo 4.

The man then introduced two Blizzard directors for Diablo 4; these directors recalled the innovations already present in the game in Season 2 (faster leveling, better loot, more character slots and more) and at the same time even news will come soon:

  • Malignant Rings, five class-specific rings
  • Preview window for spells
  • Seasonal Event: Zir Slaughterhouse (for those who are level 100 and have completed all challenges)
  • Christmas Event: Midwinter Blight

Vessel of Hatred trailer

Blizzard later showed a teaser trailer. Hate ShipThe first Diablo 4 expansion, which you can see above, is coming towards the end of 2024. Mephisto’s story will continue: We will also explore a new region not available in the base game. There will also be a new class not seen in the Diablo saga.

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