Overwatch 2: Heroes Space Ranger and Venture, the first non-binary characters in the game, revealed

Many interesting new features were revealed during BlizzCon 2023 Overwatch 2among these new playable heroes. We’ve already seen the massive Mauga in action, but two more new entries were briefly presented during the event dedicated to the shooter; A type of astronaut with a code name. “Space Ranger” and EnterpriseWe later learned that she would be the first non-binary character in the game.

Both new heroes were briefly introduced via concept art by director Aaron Keller (in the tweet below, Venture on the left and “Space Ranger” on the right). We know very little about them for now, other than the fact that the “Space Ranger” is a support unit, while the Venture is a damage-focused character who wields a weapon that resembles a drill. Both heroes will come through 2024 with the new Clash mode and Hanaoka map.

On the contrary, the majestic Samoan tank Mauga and its massive machine guns will appear in Season 8 of Overwatch 2, which will open its doors on December 5, 2023. By the way, here are our impressions after trying out the character at BlizzCon. 2023.

Venture is Overwatch’s first non-binary character

Following the reveal at BlizzCon 2023, character tech artist Ana Martínez responded to a user by saying that Venture’s pronouns are “they/them” and therefore Overwatch 2’s first non-binary character.

This is an interesting detail, but not surprising. After all, Blizzard’s shooter is always inclusion spokespersonFeaturing a variety of playable characters with different sexual orientations, this feature is appreciated by much of the community.

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