Hearthstone: Showdown in the Badlands was announced with a trailer at BlizzCon 2023

Hearthstone: Showdown in the Wasteland The new expansion of Blizzard Entertainment’s famous card game Hearthstone, announced at BlizzCon 2023 trailer cinematographic craftsmanship. You can see it later. But first, rest assured that it will be released soon as it is scheduled to be released in the current month of November.

Wild West

The theme of Hearthstone: Reckoning in the Wastelands Wild West. More precisely, players will have to deal with the evil Bloodrock Mining Company, run by corrupt sheriff Eustace Barrelbrim, who has enriched himself by heavily exploiting Azeroth’s Azerite reserves.

Can Elise Starseeker and her band of bandits save the day and stop Barrelbrim before he destroys the entire Badlands? You’ll learn by playing with the 145 new cards in the expansion, including Legendary Bandits and two new cards. Keyword: Quick Drawing and Engraving.

Still sticking with Hearthstone, Blizzard also announced a new game mode. dual“In which two players team up to share their health, pass cards, and work together to defeat their opponents.”

“Duo will feature heroes and minions you may already know from War, as well as heroes and minions that are only available by playing this mode,” the official press release states. It was also announced that four teams of two take part in each match, and Health is shared among the members of each team. The fights are sequential: One partner’s side fights until they eliminate (or get knocked out!) both opponents. If the first partner is defeated, the second partner’s side takes over to end the fight. If the first player manages to eliminate both opponents, the second player’s side intervenes, dealing damage to the opposing team (not exceeding the set maximum damage)!

Finally, the importance of cooperation is explained. By clicking on the brand new portal that connects you to your partner, you can choose whether to view their leaderboard or your own. Players can also send their cards to their partners via the portal by consuming 1 Gold! Duo also features a signaling system that allows players to use tools similar to emotes: you can mark a minion, indicate actions to help your partner at Bob’s Inn, or vice versa. Signals are a great way to quickly and effectively attract your partner’s attention so that together you can develop the right strategy to achieve victory!

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