NBA 2K24 has almost 90% negative reviews on Steam

PC gamers don’t like it very much NBA 2K24so much so that Steam the game is almost 90% negative comments. To be exact, 89% of over 2,900 comments at the time of writing. It’s one of the least-consensus games on the entire platform, but what’s the reason for all the hate?

A discussion from the past

NBA 2K24 doesn’t have last-gen graphics on PC

It was released on September 8, 2023, NBA 2K24 immediately caught the attention of PC gamers for some features they really don’t like. In particular, reviews highlight that Visual Concepts has once again chosen to convert the previous-gen version instead of the PS5 and Xbox Series. Additionally, there will be limitations on features such as cross-play, and bugs will abound. Finally, this year there would be no anti-cheat system in the online mode MyTEAM, so that cheaters would have already killed it.

There war Considering that despite the good sales recorded, the same scenario is repeated every year and the complaints of the community are ignored, the rivalry between PC gamers and the NBA 2K series actually goes back a long way.

Currently, NBA 2K24 is second only to Overwatch 2 in terms of amount of negative reviews. Platform Hall of Shame. Only 2% of negative reviews disqualify it from Blizzard’s title. We will see if he can reach it in the coming days.

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