Football Manager 2024: release date announced with a trailer on mobile via Netflix

Football Manager 2024 there is one release date Official statement announced by SEGA and Sports Interactive with a trailer: The game will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices starting from November 6, in the latter case it will be available only to subscribers. netflix.

The Football Manager 2024 date accurately predicted by leaker Billbil-kun also includes the manager’s debut in the catalogue. Xbox Game Pass It has been offered to football-loving Microsoft service subscribers since the first day.

What’s new in this edition

A true reference point for the genre on PC, console and mobile, Football Manager 2024 will further develop the simulation mechanisms underlying the experience, allowing us to create tactics with modern systems and dynamic positions on the pitch.

We will naturally be able to dedicate ourselves to the transfer market to strengthen the group and train the players to reveal their full potential, improving both the mentality and the ability to work as a team with the aim of becoming champions.

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