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Dear readers. We have a big surprise for your most loyal ones, who not only follow from the pages of the site, but also tune in every day to our Twitch channel to share their passion for video games live. Through games, columns, special events and discussions of all kinds, we investigate new releases, hottest topics, world-class trade shows and classics from the past every day.

A year ago we launched the service, a subscription that allows you to browse the site and read articles without advertising. A year later, a new way to access the service is coming and perhaps it can give you one more reason to enjoy all the content we publish without any interruptions.

Actually from today is free for everyone who subscribes to our Twitch channel. Go to your profile page and specifically the Subscription Management section, then you can link your Twitch account to the site’s account and voila. From then on, your account will automatically subscribe to the service as long as you have an active subscription on Twitch.

You will now find this button to link your Twitch account in Subscription Management on your profile.

We hope this will be a welcome addition that will encourage you to connect to our pages every day, both reading articles and news and watching our live broadcasts on Twitch. Below you will find answers to some questions you may have, but if you have problems, bugs or feedback, let us know in the comments.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I get even if I have an Amazon Prime subscription?
Yes, the subscription is available regardless of the subscription tier on Twitch and therefore you can subscribe to the Twitch channel with Amazon Prime and activate on the site.

I can’t see the option to link my Twitch account on the site’s Subscription Management page. How come?
Is it possible that you already have an active subscription? In this case, you will need to wait until your subscription expires (be careful of automatic renewal) and then connect your Twitch account. However, if you haven’t subscribed yet and still don’t see the button (in the image above), let us know in the comments.

What about those who subscribe to for life?
He’ll get so much unconditional respect from the editorial team: At the next event we’ll be high-fiving each other, drinking Grog like we’re on Monkey Island!

If I stop my Twitch subscription, can I reconnect it to get in the future?
The account remains active as long as you are subscribed to our Twitch channel. If you stop your subscription today, you will be able to re-subscribe to Twitch in the future and repeat the procedure for linking your account to

I don’t watch your live shows. Can I still subscribe to the service without subscribing to the Twitch channel?
Of course, from this perspective, nothing changes.

Is the opposite also true? So, if I am a subscriber, can I watch your Twitch live broadcasts without ads?
This is not currently possible due to limitations in the Twitch API. The only way to give Twitch subscriptions to subscribers would be to buy them directly from Amazon, and that would be too much of a hassle at this point.

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