Cyberpunk 2077, limited edition Xbox One owners

Three years ago, CD Projekt Red and Microsoft collaborated on a edition related to Xbox One theme Cyberpunk 2077Its benefits included the game’s “first future expansion”. It wasn’t known at the time that it was Phantom Liberty, but there was great anticipation given that the base game had yet to be released and we all knew the consequences.

Unfortunately, CD Projekt Red has decided to no longer support previous-gen console versions of Cyberpunk 2077, blocking updates and not developing the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Ghost FreedomAlthough they were the versions that were the most disastrous in terms of problems and perhaps deserved the most attention, given that the post-launch scandal broke out precisely from the moment the state of the PS4 and Xbox One versions was revealed.

Even so, somehow post on your official blogSince the release of patch 1.6, the studio has promised refunds to buyers of the limited edition console who must have received credits equivalent to the value of the console for the Microsoft Store. DLC. Using conditional is a must, because a year has passed and they still haven’t received anything, how Witnessed by many in X and other social networks like Reddit.

the art of hand washing

Refund will come sooner or later

Many users said they contacted the two companies but got no results. Many had the feeling that both wanted to wash their hands of this. Others noted that the DLC was still being added to console owners’ accounts. Obviously downloadable only Xbox Series. In other words, those who could not make the generational breakthrough were left out. contacted CD Projekt Red to ask for clarification. The Polish company said Microsoft would contact relevant parties soon, without providing further details.

By the way, if you have an Xbox One

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