Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will let you switch between Peter and Miles almost anytime

Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 we will play the role Peter Parker and Miles Morales during the adventure. The two superheroes have unique abilities and will have unique game sections dedicated to them. The demo showed you how quickly you switch between characters and while this episode is a written event in a story mission, this will be possible on the open map unlimited transition from one to another.

Speaking to creative director Bryan Suicide Marvel’s explained how character switching will work in Spider-Man 2. “When you play the main story, we decide when to switch from Peter to Miles … these keys definitely serve the story,” he said. “In the open world, it will be possible to freely switch between characters at the push of a button.”

So when you’re in the middle of a main quest, there will be certain times when control will shift from Peter to Miles, but if you’re out of town, Change Man-Spider any time. It looks like there will be reasons to do so: “We have content designed for Peter, we have content designed for Miles, and we have content designed for both,” says Intihar, adding that the game also has unique and shared features. As we explained to you earlier, skill trees for the two heroes.

Suicide adds the possibility: quickly change characters it would be “really, really cool” and “unexplored before” in the open world. This is probably due to the fact that this is the first Spider-Man title. PS5 exclusivewithout a PS4 version limiting its access.

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