Final Fantasy 9 Remake reappears among the rumors, but what kind of remake would you like?

Around this time, rumors about a hot topic are popping up again on the internet. Final Fantasy 9 Remake, one of the many games featured in the Nvidia leak. Speaking of, “I’m A Hero”, which is considered credible by ResetEra’s moderators and is already stuck in the throat of various SEGA projects.

as always i leak Regardless of the veracity of what is reported, considering that most players are interested in actually seeing the game, not just knowing it exists, let’s give it time for them to find out. In any case, it’s always interesting to talk about the possibilities, and it’s easy to wonder what kind of remake Square Enix might offer.

In recent years, Final Fantasy has been a drift actionalbeit in a different style from chapter to chapter. So even with a potential Final Fantasy 9 Remake Square Enix, it’s not impossible for fans to decide to completely replace the original product and offer something different to keep track of their time and taste.

The style of the original Final Fantasy 9 is still top notch

At the same time, Square Enix clearly doesn’t want to put the i aside JRPGs more classic, and in recent years it has shown its readiness to introduce new sagas with “old” game systems: consider Octopath Traveler, whose second installment deeply impressed critics and audiences alike. Definitely not the most successful chapter of the saga in terms of pure sales, Final Fantasy 9 may therefore be the right name to continue in that direction, as it’s much simpler to reproduce the same original turn-based combat system than to completely change direction.

too much graphic style being discussed. Even if we admit that we would prefer graphics similar to what was proposed with Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix may be tempted to focus on photorealism by modernizing the graphics.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake taught us modernize and expand A masterpiece is possible, so we can expect to see new content for Final Fantasy 9 Remake as well (if there’s any, of course), but in this case we’ll admit we’d prefer the complete package in a snap (another reason to stick to our hopes for fights in shifts).

So the possibilities are many, but tell us: What kind of remake would you like? Let’s talk about.

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