Marvel almost had its own Smash Bros style game –

Marvel’s almost own Smash Bros. We just learned that he has a style game. definitely, DS version of Marvel’s Super Hero Squad It was planned as a game. Smash bros style. before contractual obligations intervene. This information comes from Luke Muscat, who worked on the project.

Developer half brick He was working with THQ, the publisher of the game at the time. Originally the title was supposed to be a brawler, but THQ asked the team to change course and make the game more like Smash Bros. Halfbrick seemed quite enthusiastic about the idea, even if he had to discard some of the pre-rendered content. Blocking, rolling, and dodging were, by the way, part of the essence of the game.

Sadly, Marvel’s Superhero Team suffered another radical change during its development. THQ later realized that the license agreement stipulated that the game was an action-adventure, street-fighting experience. This meant that Halfbrick had to change his plans once again. Because the team’s time was limited, Muscat said the team was “putting together what they could”.

Marvel's Superhero Roster
Marvel’s Superhero Roster

Smash Bros. It is one of the biggest successes of recent years for Nintendo and more developers and publishers who want to have a say in this field. For example, we saw Multiversus in the past months.

Marvel’s Super Hero Squad hasn’t become one of the best-known games ever. astonishmenteven assuming they have fans of their own.

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