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Quantum break It got stuck in the first episode as it’s a fairly self-contained title, but given that Remedy is re-creating some series from the past, someone started an idea. Follow for the game, find Enthusiastic support from Shawn Ashmoreactor who plays the main character Jack Joyce.

On the other hand, resort it recently took over Alan Wake, currently Alan Wake 2 is in development, so no overhaul of Quantum Break, an action adventure released for PC and Xbox One in 2016 and is also at the center of major experimentation. He was excluded in the hybridization between TV series and video game.

Earlier today, Windows Central reporter/insider Jez Corden tweeted “Bring back the Quantum Break!” There are many positive responses to the idea, notably Shawn Ashmore, an actor who portrays Jack Joyce in both TV series-style episodes and motion capture, and modeled after the character.

Ashmore said, “I’m in!” He also responded positively to some kind of poll launched on Twitter regarding the reboot of the series, along with mentioning the official Xbox account on the subject. We do not currently know if the Canadian actor, who is also in the X-Men movie saga and we have seen in The Boys series recently, knows anything about Quantum Break 2 that has not been revealed yet. just an impromptu idea, but the question is interesting.

Then, given the visibility achieved, the matter escalated and Remedy’s Sam Lake intervened by tweeting a heartbreak in response to Ashmore, showing that at least that sentiment was shared by the team as well. Responding to this once again, the actor said, “I wish it was that easy”, implying that there are a few issues behind it that need to be resolved before the project can get back on track.

Given Remedy’s fervent activity, as well as its desire to reclaim its franchises with projects like Alan Wake 2 and Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake, that might even be the case, given that Quantum Break could also be returning to the scene. Get half the green light from Microsoft to run a project like this. In any case, the game is still very interesting and even technically a bit out of date, Xbox Series X | It’s playable through the backwards compatibility of the S.

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