Many new images for Atomic Heart, Mundfish shooter –

Russian development team blackfish published many new images related to atomic heartShooter with RPG elements coming soon to PC, PlayStation and Xbox: The game will be available from February 21st and will immediately become part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Shots depicting the various action sequences in Facility 3826’s disturbing script further confirm some of the stylistic similarities between this title and the classic. BioShockthat the authors were probably inspired to bring their projects to life.

Of course not missing argument A voice against the work was accused of collecting data for the Russian government but rejected by Mundfish, which describes itself as an international development team and “an organization that promotes peace against violence”.

“Welcome to a utopian world built on wonder and perfection, where humanity coexists in harmony with loyal passionate robots,” says Atomic Heart’s synopsis. “Or it was in the past. Only a few days until the launch of the new robot control system, but a tragic accident or a global conspiracy may lie ahead…”

“Unstoppable technological progress and secret experiments have led to an uprising of mutated creatures, terrifying machines, and super-powered robots that have now rebelled against their creators. Only you can stop them and discover the hideous truths behind an idealized world.”

“Using the combat skills bestowed by your experimental glove and an arsenal of cutting-edge weapons and knives, you will fight to survive in fast-paced and explosive encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each opponent. Combine skills and resources, use the environment and equipment to overcome any challenge and prevail over the good. raise it.”

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