Little Nightmares 3 only cooperates online, not locally, to maintain atmosphere

Little Nightmares 3 will not include a mod cooperative locally but rather online only: The writers explained to us that this was a choice made in order to “preserve the game’s underlying feeling of loneliness and unease.”

This is one of the details that emerged during our interview with the developers of Little Nightmares 3. Gamescom 2023During Opening Night Live, a new installment of the Bandai Namco series was announced to be released in 2024.

“One of the reasons why multiplayer is online only and not locally “It ties right into the fact that we wanted to preserve the underlying feeling of loneliness and unease of the game,” game director Wayne Garlan explained. “We thought playing alongside another real person might lessen that kind of experience.”

“Obviously there will be online multiplayer as well as the ability to play solo. Second character controlled by AI – so we’ve worked hard on balance to ensure Little Nightmares 3 is equally engaging whether you’re playing single-player or co-op.”

passing the bat

It will now be known Supermassive Games He will take over the production of Little Nightmares 3 from Tarsier Studios, which developed the first two parts of the series.

“When the tarsier decides move to new intellectual propertiesProducer Coralie Feniello said: “We sat down to identify a studio qualified to continue the series and work on Little Nightmares 3, and Supermassive Games was familiar with the footage because it had already worked on the Enhanced Edition of Little Nightmares 2.”

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