Hogwarts Legacy 2 is already in development, according to a leak

Hogwarts Legacy 2 already inside development phaseAccording to a known person leaker MyTimeToShineHello, who mentioned some sources who confirmed the news to him in a post on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time this has been discussed: a job announcement in August suggested that Hogwarts Legacy 2 was in development, and after all, we’re talking about one of the most successful games of this year, with sales of 15 million copies. and generated more than $1 billion in revenue.

In short, the news that Warner Bros. is preparing a new project Sequel to Hogwarts Legacy It seems obvious, but we think we’ll have to wait for official confirmation: The Nintendo Switch version still needs to be released, and some DLC is likely to arrive in 2024.

A magical game

Despite receiving a lot of criticism, there is no doubt that Hogwarts Legacy has won the support of critics and the public, as stated. Wizarding World with excellent sales.

What probably worked in favor of this project was, on the one hand, the extraordinary popularity of the reference series, and on the other hand, that only existing technologies allowed the creation of a transfer that could do justice to the universe it created. J. K. Rowlingscenarios and characters.

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