LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival announce three games in Epic Games title

From the Big Bang event at the end of Episode 4 Fortnite Welcoming the imminent arrival of Episode 5, Epic Games also revealed various news about the future of the game. three real games within the gameso LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Race and Fortnite Festival All of these will find a place in Fortnite.

These are not Fortnite mods at all, they are true almost-independent games, but they are games that can be accessed from within the Epic Games game, and all three will be arriving fairly soon, within a few days.

The first playable of these will be LEGO Fortnite, whose release date has been determined. 7 December 2023. Starting next week, it will be possible to participate in this special construction-based survival challenge in the Fortnite game world.

Right after that, on December 8, it will be Rocket Racing’s turn, developed by Rocket League team Psyonix. This is a racing game Always set in the world of Fortnite, the third game is Fortnite Festival, which will be released on December 9 as a rhythm game developed by Harmonix experts.

Three new games in Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite is the result of the collaboration seen in the past: it is a space dedicated more to young people, focusing on the design of worlds and building through typical elements taken from LEGO structures.

Rocket Racing is an arcade driving game that, beyond its appearance derived directly from Fortnite and with a very fast but not very realistic approach to the racing world, may perhaps have something to do with another Psyonix game.

Finally, Fortnite Festival is clearly similar in style to Guitar Hero and is a rhythm game I rely on licensed music and rhythmic action, in keeping with the tradition for the genre in question. Therefore, we are waiting for more information from Epic Games regarding all this news.

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