GTA 6: A viral leak on TikTok appears to show the game coming from “Rockstar developer’s son”

Reality has finally left the good old “my uncle works at Rockstar Games” meme behind. Son of Rockstar North developer apparently responsible GTA 6 leak on TikTokwith a short time viral video and this looks authentic.

Reddit people and ResetEra forum. Short video A video from TikTok shows an off-screen snippet of an unknown game that actually appears to be GTA 6.

In the film, a television is shown for a few seconds. open world game, with a view overlooking a far-reaching city map that’s hard to recognize. It has nothing to do with any games currently on the market and does not correspond to GTA V as initially suspected.

Rockstar must have a very angry father

The now famous image that forms the background of the tweet announcing the first trailer of GTA 6

In fact, he seems to be part of GTA 6, and this is confirmed by the source of the video: according to the recut, he will be the son of an important person at Rockstar Games, so he will definitely be included in GTA 6. Gran Theft Auto 6’s problems.

Obviously there is no confirmation at this time, but it appears that he is his son. Aaron Garput, Studio Co-President and Art Director In Rockstar North. The video clip has obviously been removed as Take Two and the development team attempt to track down all possible mirrors and possibly delete all evidence proliferating online.

We can only imagine what is currently happening in the home of the person responsible for the leak. especially angry father (to use a euphemism) against his own son, considering the distress he had caused.

Meanwhile, the official presentation is very close, the first trailer of GTA 6 is expected to arrive on December 5, 2023 at 15:00 Italian time. To clarify the level of expectation, Rockstar Games’ tweet announcing the trailer became the most popular tweet ever in gaming in just a few hours.

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