Latest DLC, Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission, has a release date

Callisto Protocol about to receive Final Transmissionwhat will happen Latest DLC for the survival horror of Strike Distance, which is doomed to definitively end the story, at least based on what emerged from the developers’ presentation tweet release date From 27 June.

Presented with a short teaser trailer, Final Transmission is described as “the exciting final chapter of the Callisto Protocol”, so it’s probably the kind of definitive epilogue that takes place after the game’s core story ends and waits to get to know it. better.

Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission will be available From 27 June 2023 only on PlayStation and later on June 29, 2023 also on other platforms i.e. PC and Xbox. As such, it’s apparently a 48-hour exclusive DLC.

While we look forward to other innovations planned for Strike Distance and Krafton titles, this should also represent the result of content additions for Callisto Protocol, which received another addition, the Riot Mode pack, just a few weeks ago. .

To get to know him better, we refer you to our review of The Callisto Protocol, created by Dead Space author Glen Schofield, which is very reminiscent of Visceral Games’ name.

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