Halo: absence from the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 announced by Phil Spencer

The most famous absenteeXbox Games Showcase 2023 It was probably Halo, and the series was hardly mentioned at the biggest Xbox conference of the year. Halo Infinite still continues on the path of development and expansion, but this is because absence it was Explained by Phil Spencer.

The Xbox head spoke about this in an interview with The Guardian, where he reported that Halo’s absence was due more to desire, not a lack of faith in the iconic Xbox franchise. include all other first-party teams now part of Xbox Games Studios.

“I wouldn’t say Halo is any less important now, but We have more than 20 studios “If you think back a few years, we had almost four games in internal production: Fable, Forza, Halo, and Gears, the four horsemen of the apocalypse,” said the Xbox president jokingly, “We’ve got a lot of games to show now,” Phil Spencer said in the interview.

In fact, Season 4 of Halo Infinite was presented on the exact same day as the Xbox Games Showcase, so there was no shortage of news about the game, but Microsoft wanted to feature other first-party teams on this occasion. lots of work now part of Xbox Game Studios.

“We’ve been very transparent about the leadership changes made in 343,” Spencer said. medium and long term vision until they feel ready,” the head of Xbox explained. “I think you’ll see some very interesting things coming.”

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