Laika: Aged Through Blood trailer announces “motorvania” PC release date

Developer Brainwashing Gang and publisher Headup Games have announced the release date for Laika: Aged Throug Blood on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. 19 October 2023via a new official trailer, which you can see below.

Also, work on the releases has been confirmed once again PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switchwill be published at a later date.

A two-wheeled metroidvania with a western-style setting

Laika: “Presented as” With Old Bloodmotorvania” is a term coined by the authors to describe a two-wheeled metroidvania, with the adventure taking place primarily on a motorcycle.

Set in an inspiring post-apocalyptic land westernThe game tells the story of a tribe oppressed by invading forces and a jackal-like warrior mother who sets out on a path of revenge to take back what her people have lost.

On our pages you will find the Laika: Aged Through Blood test; In this test, we explain that we were positively impressed by the perfect blend of gameplay mechanics based on motorcycles and choreographic shots, and the post-apocalyptic setting of the adventure.

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