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In an interview with IGN Phil Spencer I couldn’t miss a reference to celebrities either Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision BlizzardThe Xbox head has already said a lot self-confidentalso the whole process “aeducational experience“, as far as he’s concerned.

“Until a year ago, I knew almost nothing about the process involved with this type of acquisition,” Spencer explained. “The fact that I now have one more information In that context, understanding what it’s like to work with different regulators makes me more confident now than a year ago, based solely on the information I’ve gathered and the discussions we’ve had.”

Phil Spencer also held personal discussions with various regulatory agencies and at times deepened his knowledge of the procedures and steps required to complete an operation of this magnitude; .

“My confidence remains high,” Spencer said on the deal. “We actively working with regulatory bodies It has been a formative experience for me, who has had to approve this operation from all over the world. A lot of time wasted, a lot of travel, a lot of talk. But those were the conversations I had to talk about our industry, what we normally do, and why we do it,” the head of Xbox explained.

“The more regulators are informed about what the game is, how it works, who the players are, and what our goals as Team Xbox are, the more this happens. positive benefit for the entire industryWe recently saw that the FTC lawsuit is to undermine the deal with the EU, according to Bloomberg, whereas Microsoft expects to complete the process of acquiring Activision by July 2023.

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