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Moreover Phil Spencer has been told enthusiastic from The Last of Us series produced by HBOespecially congratulations Neil Druckman and to the whole team for the excellent work done in the adaptation.

“DIR-DIR fantasticWhen asked about the series in an interview published by IGN, Spencer said of the series: “They’ve done a fantastic job adapting a great game for TV and congratulations to the team and everyone who worked on it. Frankly, it all boils down to what Naughty Dog did in creating the franchise. lies.”

“Neil is known to have a role in the play and the series, but I think it’s been great for him and the team to see him apply his creative talents in the TV space.” But for Spencer, this successful transition from video game development to directing a TV series has broader and more important implications for the entire video game industry.

“In terms of industry – and maybe not everyone will agree with me – I believe we often look at other media with a bit of envy, as if we’re in-game and outside of the rest, maybe in an insignificantly different region. It’s not something I feel myself, but I seem to have that feeling.”

The success of The Last of Us on television can help overcome that feeling: “The fact that they’ve taken one of our industry’s greatest creators and it’s still success in creating a product in another mediumI also think it shows in the game environment that there are great storytellers and great creators across all teams.”

Just today, we saw that The Last of Us has been confirmed by HBO for Season 2.

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