Is Vampire Survivors coming to Netflix or Amazon Luna? Tips from Poncle

Luca “Poncle” Galante explained in a message posted on Steam: Vampire Survivors Coming to another platform. He didn't specify which one, but suggested it was “the most obvious of all”, stating that it was for “broadcast services” so candidates Netflix or Amazon Luna.

“We know people want the game to come to more platforms, but we also intend to make the ports ourselves, one by one, and that takes time,” the studio's message posted on Steam reads.

“'We can't just hire more people' – I don't think a healthy company will grow that way; let's give Poncle time to grow organically. 'We can't just partner with one publisher' – that would mean losing control over the company's pricing and features.”

“I'd love to tell you all about the next port, but the marketing team would kill me; all I can say is this: this is the most obvious of all, so for streaming services. Codename: “If it looks like mud and smells like mud, then it's Vampire Survivors.”

Is Vampire Survivors on Netflix along with the animated series?

Some healthy Vampire Survivors-style on-screen chaos

Amazon Luna definitely fits the description of Poncle. netflix it doesn't offer a true cloud gaming service, but it's still a de facto “streaming service” and has a large catalog of mobile games, including GTA: The Trilogy – The Definite Edition, included with the subscription.

We would like to remind you that, among other things, the animated Vampire Survivors series created by Story Kitchen is also in development. The announcement was made in April last year, and at that time the series had not been acquired by any publisher or streaming platform, so it cannot be ruled out that Netflix made a “coup” by securing both the video game and the animated transfer.

Vampire Survivors Already available on iOS and Androidhowever, these are free-to-play versions with advertising added to some game dynamics; for example, the possibility of resurrection in the game in case of death after watching a trailer ad, so a possible new release for Netflix would require some work. To replace some elements from part of Poncle.

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