Is Sea of ​​Thieves coming to PS5? Xbox is considering this because of a rumor

Sea of ​​Thieves may occur PS5: According to a source who claims to be familiar with the matter, Xbox It is considering bringing the pirate game exclusively to the Sony console in 2024.

Following rumors about Hi-Fi Rush coming to Nintendo Switch, rumors have been multiplying in the last few hours that Microsoft is about to offer a new game. first party productions to historical rivals

With a player count that can exceed 25 million, Sea of ​​Thiefes undoubtedly represents A great value Xbox exclusive and its possible arrival on PlayStation would be a sensational move.

What's more, Stephen Totilo isn't the only one reporting this rumor: Jeff Grubb has also talked about it in the last few hours, and usually as reports pile up some basis of truth emerges.

a forced move

While there has been heated debate about Microsoft's intention to bring its exclusive content to PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, some argue that Game Pass has now reached that level. maximum possible extension.

Therefore, unless the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and their content somehow changes the trend that now seems to be consolidated, this new strategy will become necessary.

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