GTA 5 was the third most played game on Xbox in December 2023, and Hi-Fi RUSH was 207th

GTA 5 it was him Third most played game on Xbox Series with December 2023 In the US, former NPD Circana found: The game developed by Rockstar Games accounted for 17.5% of all active users.

This is a remarkable achievement, all things considered: Grand Theft Auto V is just Fortnite and Call of DutyIt ranked first and second, respectively, in the most played games in December.

Hi-Fi RUSH, another game talked about these days, may come to Nintendo Switch, according to a leak. Couldn't get over 1% and couldn't get past 207th place: According to Mat Piscatella, these are the numbers that reflect the contribution that Tango Gameworks' action can make to the Xbox ecosystem.

There are cases and cases

Just a few hours ago we asked ourselves whether it was a good idea to bring Xbox exclusive games to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and Piscatella was always quite clear in this sense: In his opinion, yes, it is not only a good idea, but also represents a new idea It does. The necessary solution for Microsoft.

When it comes to Hi-Fi RUSH, we are talking about a game that has clearly exhausted its influence, as can be seen from its positioning in December, and can benefit from coming to different platforms and find a new audience for itself. will appreciate it.

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