Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle on PS5? Microsoft is considering this, according to The Verge

Microsoft thinks to bring Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle also open PS5: This has been reported by some sources who claim that the Redmond house knows about Bethesda's plans for the anticipated tie-in.

This indiscretion, which comes with the news that Starfield may also be released on PS5, seems to confirm a clear change of strategy regarding PS5. Xbox exclusivesAt this point they can best be described as thunderstorms.

According to Tom Warren, plans are for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to be released on Xbox and PC, possibly by the end of the year; afterwards, Bring the game to PS5 in a few months.

Time specials?

It is clear that there are a number of rumors connected to Microsoft's intentions. Bring your first-party productions to other platforms There had to be a grain of truth, and the further intensification of the rumors could be the confirmation many were waiting for.

Frankly, it would be one thing to also release exclusive games on PS5 and Nintendo Switch (2?) after a year or two of them exhausting their potential; Another would be to immediately plan for this multi-platform business, which risks serious repercussions on hardware sales.

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