Fallout 2: Fans are making a remake using the Fallout 4 engine

Fans recreate fallout 2 using the engine fallout 4. This is one of those huge projects that pops up every now and then on the mod scene. in the name Arroyo ProjectThe remake has been in development for several years, but the team only recently showed off footage until the recently released trailer that the community really liked. It's impossible not to recognize some of the game's most iconic locations, such as the Vault Dweller's Divine Head and the interior of the Temple of Trials.

As you can see, this is a gameplay video of approximately 2 minutes, which shows the great dedication of the development team.

Arroyo Project

The qualitative leap in terms of graphics is huge (Fallout 2 was a game with isometric 2D graphics), but the developers did everything to preserve the colors and shapes of the original game, so much so that some of the locations shown have a similar structure at least in appearance to one of the original maps.

In addition to the locations, short films are also seen in the video. fight scenes, which shows an advanced state of the work. Regardless, the Project Arroyo team is currently seeking collaborators. If you are interested you can visit this page.

Speaking of mods, the highly anticipated Fallout: London will be released soon; It's such a huge mod for Fallout 4 that it could be considered a true expansion.

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