Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition classified in Singapore, will it be announced at State of Play?

There IMDAAdded to Singapore rating board database Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition An official announcement is expected for the PS5, possibly from Sony PlayStation and Guerrilla Games.

The institution’s fact sheet reveals that this is a compilation because it’s intuitive Horizon will include Forbidden West and Burning Shores expansion It will be released exclusively for PS5 in April. Unlike the base game, it’s classified as M18 due to sexual references, meaning it’s meant for an adult audience.

“Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition” is a compilation containing the original adventure game “Horizon Forbidden West” (Advisory 16) and the expansion “Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores”. Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, protagonist Aloy travels west to discover the source of a mysterious signal and find a way to restore Earth,” reads the description provided by IMDA.

Announcement at the next State of Play?

The rating by IMDA, along with the very complete information sheet, indicates that the official announcement of Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition could be coming relatively soon.

The perfect showcase for such an ad might be a new ad. Game Status and in that sense, this refers us to, and in some ways confirms, the tip started last week by journalist Jeff Grubb, who reported that Sony would soon announce a new storefront, according to his sources.

At this point, an official announcement on the matter could come as early as next week, so we’ll have to wait and monitor PlayStation social networks very carefully for any news on the matter.

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