Hogwarts Legacy: A video showing the transition from book pages to video game scenarios

Avalanche released a new version video Open Hogwarts LegacyIt focuses on some elements of development and particularly on direct transition. From book pages to the making of scripts of the video game.

The video, aptly titled “Page to Game”, focuses on the process of creating video game sets from the initial stages. Descriptions It is available in the original texts of the Harry Potter series books, demonstrating the game’s fidelity to the world created by JK Rowling.

In addition to documentation and, of course, original creativity, Avalanche turned to written texts to find the elements that make up Hogwarts Legacy environments, and this video proves it.

From pages to game

In the video, we can see various passages from the Harry Potter books with highlighted sentences referencing various environmental and landscape features; these are then exported to 3D. scenario creation.

In fact, Hogwarts Legacy was also quite successful due to its remarkable features. loyalty It resembles the classic style and atmosphere of Harry Potter and therefore we can see how the developers started from the original material to create a good part of the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is finally coming Nintendo Switch After releasing on November 14, 2023, first on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S, followed by PS4 and Xbox One.

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