GTA 6: The first trailer has already generated dizzying numbers and it has not been released yet

first trailer related to GTA 6 It has already received nearly 750,000 likes on YouTube and 0 dislikes. Consider that it currently has over 50,000 viewers. They are truly gods mind-blowing numbersespecially considering the core issue that has yet to be released. Frankly, this is a detail in the internet age.

We still have about 16 hours left to see the first trailer for GTA 6 (at the time of writing this news), but many are so shaky that they haven’t decided to show off their extreme love for the game much in advance. Even though they don’t know what will happen, it is actually shown.

The most anticipated game of all time

GTA 6 proves to be the most anticipated game ever; It has the capacity to stimulate general attention without showing anything concrete other than a sky full of palm trees. Most people will definitely know the content of the stolen data rockstar gamesHowever, we do not believe that they are sufficient on their own to generate such interest.

Some describe it hype cultureAlthough it should be said that most of this participation was completely spontaneous, that is, it came from the players themselves who are impatient for the sequel of GTA 5. We are talking about one of the most popular series ever in this field of gaming for more than a decade, so it could not be otherwise, even if some displays of love seem exaggerated.

In any case, we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what will be shown and perhaps when we can play it.

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