GTA 6: announcement trailer also reveals release time

The magnificent and highly anticipated thing appeared ahead of time trailer related to GTA 6This reveals that release period: 2025. So we still have over a year to actually play it. It was also not stated when it would be released later in the year. If it had been released during the Christmas period, we would have had to wait about two years.


The image itself is truly amazing and shows truly tremendous production values ​​for a level of graphical detail never seen in a video game. The setting is also confirmed: Vice Cityand there will also be a strong social content presence, possibly referencing GTA Online according to some series.

The trailer starts with a production city ​​overviewSo, we can see that it is presented really well. The many environments that will be present are also shown, from distinct urban areas to places surrounded by nature and sunny beaches filled with swimmers.

The typical themes of the GTA series appear to be all present, including crowded nightclubs, gangs, shootouts with the police, strong sexual references, over-the-top characters, and the bizarre situations that will likely characterize much of the game. After all, social satire has always been GTA’s trademark, so some choices are unsurprising and seem perfectly in keeping with the past.

It is difficult to draw precise indicators about it. Gameplay and from what we see in the video, it’s about the history of the single-player campaign, except for the presence of two heroes who have a difficult past and will somehow find themselves in the world of organized crime.

For those wondering, the song chosen for the trailer is Tom Petty’s Love Is A Long Road, written by Thomas Earl Petty and Michael W. Campbell.

Why did Rockstar Games release the trailer so early? It seems that the reason was the leak of the same thing, which led the company to move in this direction, surprising everyone a little at this point.

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