GTA 6: Jason Schreier accused of pushing Take-Two to rush announcement, but that’s unlikely

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier He was accused by many people of being the cause of the incident insufficient notice related to GTA 6 from the last few days. The reason for this can be found in the report predicting Take-Two’s move by mentioning December for the presentation trailer.

Essentially the blame would be to ruin the developers’ party and waste years of work behind the scenes to prepare the announcement. It all started with a post by 343 Industries’ community manager John Junyszek directly attacking the Bloomberg journalist, after which many people, including fans and industry people, began to shout curses against Schreier.

ridiculous accusations

Actually there are many accusations suspicious. Schreier basically did his job as a journalist: He reported news he was sure of. Moreover, the fact that someone relayed the news to him makes it clear that Take-Two had planned the announcement long before his report, otherwise this announcement would not have happened.

So why are you announcing GTA 6 like this? Just look at the dates. letter containing the announcement first trailer GTA 6’s December 2023 release arrived on November 8. On the same day (in the United States), Take-Two filed its financial report for the second quarter of the current fiscal year, where it announced a loss of $543.6 million. It’s easy to understand how the most anticipated play ever was used to stem the potential decline due to losses in stocks. In fact, the announcement of the trailer was enough to raise the company’s shares and contain the damage to the financial report.

Of course, it’s fair to point out that this is our speculation, but honestly, we see this as more likely than an announcement due to a journalist report, especially after years and years of rumors about the game, including a massive data theft.

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