GTA 6: announcement sparked over 300 million views on social media

Itrailer announcement related to GTA 6Arriving in December, produced more than 200 products 300 million views on social networks. Considering this is a text post with no images and no details, that’s a huge amount.

We have already reported the initial data for the announcement, but in a few days they have grown tremendously, so it is worth updating them.

everyone wants this

Everyone wants GTA 6

on x, to post With the announcement, it gained more than 161.7 million views with 1.5 million likes, 492,000 reshares and 53,000 replies. When the statistics of the four tweets published by Rockstar Games that day were combined, the number of views increased to 218.4 million, the number of likes increased to 2.25 million, the number of reposts increased to 566,000 and the number of replies increased to 61,400.

The announcement was also welcomed by major companies. PlayStation and Xboxcreates other views.

The same ad was published on: instagramIt has over 2.78 million likes and 53,000 comments. Considering that like statistics on Instagram represent approximately 3% of views, we are over 90 million.

Open Facebook The announcement post received 314,000 likes, 103,000 shares and over 40,000 comments. Considering the 3% of likes in total views at all times, it easily exceeds 10 million.

More generally, GTA 6 came 1st in the rankings. flow In more than fourteen countries, the ad became the most liked post on X ever.

The figures provided are useful to understand how much anticipation there is for the first trailer, which could generate hundreds of millions of interactions within a few hours when released.

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