Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective, new trailer for upcoming remaster

Among the games Capcom presented at the event organized this evening, there are some not to be missed. Ghost Trick: Ghost Detectiveremaster of the game of the same name originally released on Nintendo DS, cleaned and enhanced for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, illustrated in depth game trailer.

New Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective is a rebroadcast with high definition graphics A true cult from the same authors of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney starring Takumi, originally released on Nintendo DS.

As we announced at the special, it’s one of Capcom’s biggest and least known adventures, and it truly deserves to be saved.

There release date already announced and set for June 30, 2023: On this occasion, we had the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the game in terms of gameplay through a somewhat in-depth trailer on various aspects of its mechanics.

In case you didn’t know, Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective is a special game. puzzle adventureis about a detective who turns into a ghost after a somewhat turbulent beginning of the story. In this new case, he can interact with the objects in the scenario, creating chain reactions, thereby changing events for the characters present in the scene.

Its peculiarity is given by the excellent 2D graphic style with a peculiar characterization of the characters, as well as really accurate and well-made animations. Let’s see the new trailer presented by Shu Takumi, the director and creator of the original movie.

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