Exoprimal: A gameplay trailer from the Capcom Showcase, a second open beta coming

Couldn’t be missing among the heroes of the Capcom Showcase in June 2023 exoprimal, Capcom’s dinosaur-based multiplayer action shooter coming to PC, console and Game Pass 14 July. On this occasion, a new trailer was presented and announced. second open beta.

Let’s start with this last point. This new phase of open access testing, From 02:00 Italy on 16 June to 01:59 on 19 June. To play, you must use your Capcom ID or create one through it. this address.

Therefore, if you missed the previous beta, it is an excellent opportunity to try the game. Not only that, this time it will also be possible try the early stages of the game, some story missions and 10-player co-op missions. There are also a number of changes made taking into account player feedback. By participating in the Exoprimal open beta and completing the private survey, you will receive a download code to download the Lightning (Zephyr) exocorazza skin in the full game.

Also during today’s presentation, we learned that based on player suggestions, the developers decided to introduce a competitive mode at the launch of Exoprimal, where the team that completes the mission the fastest without conflicts between players wins. This Capcom Showcase Summer showcase where the Japanese company presents games in development at its studios, from Resident Evil to Dragon’s Dogma, from Street Fighter to Monster Hunter. You can find all the news announced during this and all other summer events in our Multiplayer.it Summer of Games hub.

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