Genshin Impact, update 4.2: New launch date announced on Twitch

Hoyoverse announced the new one on social media date and time of the presentationGenshin Impact update 4.2 on Twitch. Mark your appointment on your calendar: Live streaming on Twitch is scheduled for: Friday, November 3, 2023 13.10 Italian.

You can follow the live broadcast. twitch channel It will be possible to watch the replay of Genshin Impact on the same day, starting from 14.10. Youtube channel of the game. In keeping with tradition, new content will be announced for this event, such as new playable characters, limited-time events, areas to explore, and more.

As Genshin Impact players will surely have noticed, there is no news yet about the 4.2 update planned for this month. This is because the official rollout of the update, which was planned for last Friday, has been postponed. The reason for the postponement has not been officially announced yet, but we think it is due to a problem. Death of former Chinese Premier Li Keqiangoccurred on the same day.

The new date chosen by Hoyoverse is interesting, even on the same day at 12.30 there will be the presentation of Honkai’s 1.5 update: Star Rail, basically a double date that should not be missed for those who follow the news of both. interest games.

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