Assassin’s Creed: Ubisoft uses artificial intelligence-generated images they don’t like on social media

Sherry Assassin’s Creed Seems like a last resort UbisoftAccording to many people and the company itself, which puts all its efforts into this. That’s why many fans disliked this usage. images created by artificial intelligence For some posts dedicated to the saga published on the social network X.

Meanwhile, the Dutch Assassin’s Creed account released the following image for Halloween: Ezio Auditore He was surrounded by pumpkins after Ubisoft Latam published the same image, which was later removed. Both were the result of generative AI, and both were, to be kind, ugly. Moreover, they were full of errors typical of AI-generated images, such as crooked fingers and some poorly reproduced symbols.

ugly work of art

That’s why many people have pointed out to Ubisoft, in a not-so-kind tone, that the company is currently laying off a lot of people and is also using AI for production. ugly work of art for the flagship series. In fact, one of the most underlined points is that the Assassin’s Creed series is not portrayed well by being associated with such poor quality designs.

This is probably a way to cut costs, but at this point it was better not to include images to avoid any controversy.

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