Gameplay trailer for Teardown, the Tuxedo Labs sandbox

dismantle hero of an interesting event trailer between Gameplay: It’s the perfect opportunity to see Tuxedo Labs’ physics-based sandbox in action, launching on PS5 and Xbox Series on November 15

Teardown, which was released on PC last year, was also announced for consoles a few months ago and will bring the voxel formula with it. fully destructible environments and realistic simulation systems for various materials.

total destruction

As a good sandbox, the Tuxedo Labs game will provide us with a wide variety of tools and devices to carry out our all-out demolition work, demolishing every building that comes close to us in explosions and fragments.

In over forty missions of the campaign, characterized by increasing difficulty, we will have the opportunity to have fun or try our luck in sandbox mode. build, explore and destroy different scenarios.

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