Fortnite OG, 44.7 million players: best result ever

Fortnite OG he scored 44.7 million players and yesterday, November 4, 102 million hours were played: that’s a absolute record For Epic Games’ battle royale, which has never reached similar figures before.

As previously mentioned, Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season OG, to be more precise, caused an increase in player count at launch 4.9 million concurrent players This translates into figures twice as high as normal.

According to the findings of former NPD Circana, on November 3, Fortnite, 38% of all active users on Xbox and 33% of all active users on PlayStation. Considering the duration of the sessions, it was seen that the average duration of the sessions was 195 minutes on the Microsoft platform and 204 minutes on the Sony platform.

A revival that will last?

There’s no doubt that Fortnite represents one of the most successful video game phenomenons everEpic Games has managed to maintain its popularity over the years thanks to the outstanding post-launch support and many promotional initiatives undertaken.

Return to origins recorded phenomenal numbers, which should be a pretty clear message to developers about what users want: we’ll see in the coming months whether this awareness will be put to good use in some way.

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