Fortnite: Chapter 4 Season 3 comes from Optimus Prime Transformers?

Fortnite: Chapter 4 Season 3 can accommodate Optimus Prime like from Transformers character The special, based on what has been reported in the last few hours by the famous leaker HYPEX, thus brings a very special look to the various possibilities of the Epic Games game.

It all starts from an image leaked online by HYPEX, which is considered a pretty credible leak specifically regarding Fortnite and successfully predicts several other additions already seen in the Epic Games game. You can find it at the official address. this addressand the existence of Optimus Prime is obvious.

Although the ratios are not fully met, Leader of the Autobots It has a design that is quite close to the classic one rather than the one used in the movies, but it still looks like it will enter Fortnite as a playable character with a special interpretation.

The image in question seems to refer to a loading screen where Optimus Prime appears with other characters. However, what stands out in the image in question is also the script: it looks like a single scenario. forest lush, which could be a feature of the next season of Fortnite.

Optimus Prime’s arrival must be imminent, release dateAgain, according to the leak in question, the expected end date of the current Season 2 will be June 9, 2023. Meanwhile, Fortnite has been updated to v24.40 with Ranking Mode for Battle. Royale and Zero Buildings.

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