For an old DICE, Battlefield 2042 had no chance of being a good game when it was released.

Joakim BodinHaving worked as a Senior Software Engineer at DICE for 13 years, he had a say in this matter. battlefield 2042revealing how, the game didn’t have a “chance” to come out in good shape at lunch.

According to Bodin, who entrusted his thoughts to Twitter, the game “too many different versions“, a deadline never helps to bring the product into a convincingly completed form.

Joakim Bodin’s tweet about Battlefield 2042, reported by Tom Henderson.

That’s why, according to former DICE, Battlefield 2042 “never really had much of a chance to be a great game in the beginning”, but without ignoring a later evolution.

Bodin’s reference is solely to the circumstances in which Battlefield 2042 found itself at launch, fueling the famous controversy. While most of the progress and economy is shared between the different versions, “I’m still proud that I worked hard to get this game to have full crossplay.” “Her Online systems will be used. even in upcoming games of the future,” the developer explained.

The journalist also focused on these statements Tom Hendersonin fact, he admits that even many of the rumors he spread before launch actually refer to internal versions of Battlefield 2042 that were in some cases never reflected in the final version of the game.

In any case, the title has continued its development, even reaching Season 5: New Dawn, while EA has decided to revolutionize the series by creating a connected universe.

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