Foamstars: Trailer Announces Open Beta Party

On the occasion of tonight’s State of Play new trailer related to foam starsWith thisOpen Beta Partythat is, the open beta phase to be played on PS5. Square Enix also took the opportunity to show us new gameplay of this crackling foam-based Splatoon clone.

Open Beta party details

But let’s stop talking now and watch the video:

Here are the detailshour According to the official press release, the open beta version of Foamstars:

“Play the FOAMSTARS open beta now!
Anyone with a PS5 can join the party!

START: 30/09/2023 [SAB] 03:00/CEST
END: 02/10/2023 [LUN] 08:59/CEST”

For the rest, let us remind you that Foamstars is currently announced for PS5 and PS4. If you want more details, read our review of the game.

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