Final Fantasy 16: new information on upcoming battles, side quests and endgames

Just before saying goodbye at the end of the recently staged State of Play Final Fantasy 16producer Naoki Yoshida, Square Enix other informations to share about the game, especially about battles, side quests and endings.

The extended gameplay video of the recently released Final Fantasy 16 was already comprehensive in many aspects of the game, with 25 minutes of gameplay and cutscenes, but the communication dedicated to the Square Enix game doesn’t stop there. launching

Before June 22, 2023, further presentations will be made by the Japanese publisher, who has not yet explained the various elements of the game in detail. Among them, Yoshi-P, especially combat systemIn addition to the management of the main and secondary tasks, it is clear that there are some aspects to explore.

This last point actually needs to be clarified, first of all, given the special nature of the map, which is not an open world, but relies on some points of interest that are unlocked by progressing through the game. among the other.

Missions must also be managed through Cid’s Hideaway, but other relevant elements will only be explained later. Another big topic of interest is endgame: Despite being a linear game built on narrative, there will be endgame activities in Final Fantasy 16 that can hold even those who have it. finished the main storybut this aspect will only be better explored later.

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