Diablo 4 announced on Steam

Diablo 4 it will come out too Steam. This is very important news because the series has only been around for years. Battle.net (First separate episode aired on GOG). After Overwatch 2, Blizzard once again introduces its newest game by publishing it on the Valve store.

There launch date Diablo 4’s Steam release date is October 17, 2023. It doesn’t appear to be bookable at the moment, but several editions are already listed for purchase: Ultimate Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and standard edition.

Various editions

Oppression Final Diablo 4 on Steam includes: Creator’s Wings Emote; Temptation Mountain; Nether Shell Mount Armor; Amalgam of Wrath mount for World of Warcraft; Diablo III’s Wings of Inarius and Inarius Murloc mascot; The Accelerated Battle Pass unlocks with 20 rank ups and cosmetic items.

There Digital Deluxe Editioninstead it includes: Mounting Temptation; Nether Shell Mount Armor; Diablo III’s Wings of Inarius and Inarius Murloc mascot; Accelerated Battle Pass unlocked with 20 rank ups and cosmetics

Oppression Standard include: Wings of Inarius and the Inarius Murloc pet for Diablo III and Amalgam of Wrath Mount for World of Warcraft.

We think the Steam version of Diablo 4 will be compatible with the Battle.net version in terms of pricing and updates. Actually, we are almost sure of this, but we will be able to tell you again when we get confirmation.

Diablo IV Steam page

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