Netflix, which is in the top 10 among the most watched TV series and movies, made a good start with Vasco Rossi The Survivor

Netflix like every Tuesday, The 10 most watched movies and TV series On the platform last week. Now let’s look at the ranking, starting from the most watched TV series between September 25 and October 1:

  1. Sex Education – Season 4
  2. Vasco Rossi Survivor – Season 1
  3. My favorite – Mini series
  4. One Piece – Season 1
  5. In Flames – Mini series
  6. Surviving Summer is an overwhelming summer – Season 2
  7. Sex Education – Season 1
  8. Virgin River – Season 5
  9. Thursday Widows – Miniseries
  10. Sex Education – Season 3

As you can see, Sex Education Season 4 remains in first place for the second week, and seasons one and three are also falling behind with it. The only news of the week Surviving Vasco Rossi, starts well in second position. The rest are series that are already in the Netflix Top 10, including One Piece (our review here).

Most watched movies on Netflix as of October 1, 2023

Top10 Movie Italy 25 September 1 October 2023

There Ranking of the most watched movies On Netflix, it’s instead rendered like this:

  1. Nowhere
  2. Reptile
  3. love is in the air
  4. forgotten love
  5. Downsizing Living large
  6. Statistical probability of love at first sight
  7. unknown load
  8. Spy Kids Apocalypse
  9. bedmates
  10. Life in Banlieue 2

this week top 10 It’s mostly new stuff, at least for Netflix. Shrinking Living Large and Spy Kids Armageddon have been in the charts for two weeks, while Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight has been in the charts for three weeks, but the rest are in the Top 10 for the first time on the platform. It’s rare to see so many new features, even in movies.

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